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#307 - Worklog Report does not work with actual jira cloud

buryndin commented on Jun 28, 2023

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Bug Description

Worklog Report shows an empty report. But response from server contains worklog records There are no issues in chrome console

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shridhar-tl commented on Jun 27, 2023

@buryndin , Does the response from server contain the users added by you and contains worklog for given date?

I understand you say report is empty, but still that screenshot may help me understand something more. Please send me a screenshot of that empty report.

Also there are couple of filters and configuration in report which could have caused this behavior. Particularly look at Log filters tab and see if "Show all worklogs" option is selected.

Also let me know if you are generating report based on Sprint or date range.

buryndin commented on Jun 27, 2023

If I selected 'Show all worklogs' I get worklog for all users. But I only need report for given users. If I try to get report for particular users I only see report for me: image but response from server also contains worklogs for other users: image

shridhar-tl commented on Jun 28, 2023

@buryndin , If you are an existing user and you have been using the report from some time, then try to remove and add couple of users from user groups and see if report is pulled appropriately.

In case of user migrations, this issue use to happen sometimes. Removing and adding the user again in user groups may solve it.

First try to remove and add only couple of users. Only if it works, you can do that for remaining users and issue would get resolved.

Just in case, if above trick did not resolve the issue, just try to use old worklog report once and see if you were able to see the worklog details for these users.

Please let me know once you tried it.

buryndin commented on Jun 28, 2023

Yes, it is working now. Thank you!