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#313 - Feature request: Get aggregate timespent from linked issues

GYolshin commented on Aug 02, 2023

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Feature Suggestion

I use custom report to track aggregated spent time in my issues. Historically team mates use linked tasks to log their works, means that my report is not actual for such issues. In custom report in expressions I need to calculate aggregatetimespent field from issue itself and for linked as well. I tried to ask question (https://github.com/shridhar-tl/jira-assistant/discussions/310), but it has no answer yet. So I decided to ask for a new feature which implies next:

  1. Add new util function that returns array of linked issues available in expression.

e.x. Utils.linkedIssues()

Using that function I'm planning to calculate sum of aggregatetimespent from linked issues with reduce().

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shridhar-tl commented on Aug 02, 2023

@GYolshin - I see I missed to respond to your query in #310. It is already feasible to do it. Last two weeks was a busy week for me and anything needing some analysis to respond, I tried to keep it for later.

I will provide you with a solution by this week end.