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#315 - New worklog report - internal server error

cmndrK commented on Aug 21, 2023

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Bug Description

New worklog report does not work and returns "internal server error", concerned as the old worklog report is deprecated and I use it daily. I found that removing the brackets from the worklog call around the worklog date then returns the data, change from "(worklogDate >= '2023-08-07' and worklogDate < '2023-08-09')" TO "worklogDate >= '2023-08-07' and worklogDate < '2023-08-09'"

We do use a hosted version of Jira and I believe it is a rather old version not sure if this is affecting the call parameters; Atlassian JIRA Project Management Software v6.4.5.

ScreenHunter 3934

Old worklog report call:

"Jira URL"/rest/api/2/search?jql=worklogAuthor in ("chiko","davis","dennis","faz","kean","kim","kyle","mario","rae","roy","steffi","storm","tawanda","trevor","warwick","yumna","zaid","chantelle","david","deepthi","gideon","rod","stefan","stinger","tapiwa") and worklogDate >= '2023-08-07' and worklogDate < '2023-08-09'&fields=summary,worklog,issuetype,parent,project,status,assignee,reporter,timeoriginalestimate,timeestimate&maxResults=1000

New worklog report call:

"Jira URL"/rest/api/2/search?jql=(worklogAuthor in ("chiko","davis","dennis","faz","kean","kim","kyle","mario","rae","roy","steffi","storm","tawanda","trevor","warwick","yumna","zaid","chantelle","david","deepthi","gideon","rod","stefan","stinger","tapiwa")) AND (worklogDate >= '2023-08-07' and worklogDate < '2023-08-09') &fields=summary,worklog,issuetype,parent,project,status,assignee,reporter,aggregatetimespent,timeoriginalestimate,timeestimate&maxResults=1000

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shridhar-tl commented on Aug 08, 2023

Hi @cmndrK - Thank you for providing all the details necessary to analyze the issue and additional thanks for the analysis you did by yourself and arriving at a root cause.

I couldn't really believe this could cause issue as brackets are supported in all versions of Jira I have used. Anyway, let me change it to see if it helps you solving the issue.

I will make necessary changes and update you.

cmndrK commented on Aug 10, 2023

Hi Shridhar

Thank you so much for the quick response it’s much appreciated. Yes it did seem strange to me as well seeing as there are other brackets in the query (for the user array), and an additional set that were introduced in the new query around the worklog author array, that do not seem to cause a problem.


Kean Malcolmson

shridhar-tl commented on Aug 21, 2023

Hi @cmndrK - First of all, I tried to look into Atlassian documents about limitations with ")" brackets and I did not find any. There are no cases I was able to find with reports about issue with brackets.

However, I tried to remove the brackets and then realized, there are various settings which would add "or" conditions with existing query and user can also add custom query which would cause trouble if this brackets are removed. So removing these brackets are our of option at this point.

Can you once try this query in Jira search and provide me the exact error message. Let me see if I get any clue out of it. Also if possible provide me the version of Jira and I will see if I could find something online.

(worklogAuthor in ("chiko","davis","dennis","faz","kean","kim","kyle","mario","rae","roy","steffi","storm","tawanda","trevor","warwick","yumna","zaid","chantelle","david","deepthi","gideon","rod","stefan","stinger","tapiwa")) AND (worklogDate >= '2023-08-07' and worklogDate < '2023-08-09')

cmndrK commented on Aug 21, 2023

Hi @shridhar-tl

Thanks for the update, please see below, I have attached images of the two errors returned in console when running the query, the version as well as the query returning results when run without the brackets on the worklog date portion. Please let me know should you need any further info, thanks.

ScreenHunter 3958 ScreenHunter 3957 ScreenHunter 3956 ScreenHunter 3955