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#317 - Quoted headers break CSV import

TomyLobo commented on Aug 21, 2023

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  • I had tried reproducing this issue with with Web version of Jira Assistant to ensure that this issue is not recently fixed and yet to be published
  • I had verified that, my query is not answered in FAQ section of website
  • I had verified that, my issue is not listed as known bugs in website

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Bug Description

If you quote the headers, CSV import won't pick up the fields.

Example CSV:

"Ticket No","Start Date","Timespent","Comment"
"JA-1001","15-Aug-2023 18:12:11","1w 2d 3h 4m","Logs 59 hours and 4 mins"
"JA-1001","15-Aug-2023 18:12:11","1d 1h","Logs 9 hours"
"JA-1002","15-Aug-2023 18:12:11","12.5","Logs 12 hours and 30 mins"
"JA-1003","15-Aug-2023 18:12:11","14:4","Logs 14 hours and 40 mins"
"JA-1003","15-Aug-2023 18:12:11","8","Logs 8 hours"

Expected result: image

Actual result: image

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TomyLobo commented on Aug 15, 2023

I think this worked fine until recently, but I'm not 100% sure.

shridhar-tl commented on Aug 21, 2023

Hi @TomyLobo , this issue has been resolved in JA v2.55 and would be available for extension uses after next publish.

If you want to look at the fix immediately, you can have a look at it via web version using following url:

Web Version of JA: https://app.jiraassistant.com/?authType=1

You need not do any separate authentication in web version. Still authentication is taken care by Extension itself while web is just used to display the page. So Web helps you use latest code with bug fixes without compromising on any aspects.

You can also permanently switch to Web so that just in case of such issues, you will know in advance even before I publish the extension so that the issue can be reported and immediately I would be able to resolve it.

Once the changes are published to extension, it takes time to push another version due to various limitations.

To know more about Web version, you can have a look into following Urls: https://www.jiraassistant.com/install-options/ https://www.jiraassistant.com/why-web-version/

As of now closing this ticket considering this issue is resolved. Please feel free to reopen it if you feel the issue is still not resolved.