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#319 - "Add worklog" dialog: Field "Ticket no" looses focus on manual ticket selection

trashcandrummer commented on Aug 28, 2023

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Bug Description

The focus on the field "Ticket no" (Worklog dialog) is lost when selecting a ticket from the suggestion list. This is not the case if the ticket number is inserted and e.g. auto completed by hitting TAB to move to the next field.

Working case

Ticket number was inserted and TAB was used to trigger "autocomplete"/"autoselect". The focus is now on the next field ("Work description") which is correct. JA_auto_complete

Wrong case

Ticket number was inserted (party or full does not matter) and the wanted ticket was selected by e.g. mouse click from the suggestion list. The focus is lost / set to the complete dialog instead of remaining on the "Ticket no" field to continue with e.g. TAB to jump to the next field. This is wrong and also annoying as you now have to hit TAB many times to get to the "Work description" field again. JA_manual_selection

Would be nice if this focus handling could be improved.

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