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#32 - New Feature: Ability to filter Logged Work report against a JQL (list of issues) over a time period

Alinoe22 commented on Sep 14, 2019

As a Product Owner I want to report on the logged time against a subset of JIRA issues for a given time period So that I can compare estimates against actuals

Currently the "Worklog[User Daywise]" view is great to see time entered by the team on any item during a period. But it is not possible to filter this view for a subset of JIRA issues, and the view cannot be grouped by epic and constituent stories / subtasks, making it difficult to see how much time in the period was spent on a set of issues.

Equally you can create a Custom Report on specific issues with a JQL and add Log Work as a Display field. But then the report shows any log entry for these issues, and it is not possible to filter them by time period.

Either of these 2 options would meet my needs.

shridhar-tl commented on Jul 29, 2018

This requirement will be fulfilled as part of #41 using which user can build a new report like User Daywise with all the required fields & functionalities.

shridhar-tl commented on Oct 01, 2018

Part of this requirement is fulfilled as part of issue #4 .