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#320 - Provide a way to choose from bookmarked tickets when inserting a worklog

trashcandrummer commented on Aug 28, 2023

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Via the "Add worklog" dialog time can be booked on a certain ticket. For that you either search for a specific string or ticket number and choose from the suggestion list or manually paste the full ticketnumber if you know it. In my case I bookmarked a few tickets so I do not have to remember the exact ticket number but when I need to book time on those, I always have to copy the ticket number and paste that into the "Ticket no" field.

I only found the option to set a specific "Ticket suggestions JQL" in the settings, yet I do not know how I would filter for "my bookmarked tickets in Jira Assistant. If there is an option to do that, please let me know. If there is not, I'd suggest to implement e.g. a combobox to switch between "Ticket no" and "Bookmarked tickets" where with "Bookmarked tickets" selected you can choose from the lists of your bookmarks rather than searching through the tickets defined by e.g. your "Ticket suggestions JQL" query.

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