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#33 - New Feature: Colour worklogs based on min hours instead of max hours

Alinoe22 commented on Jun 15, 2022

As a Scrum Master I want to review quickly that my team has entered their minimum aily time in JIRA So that I can trust my burndown chart and other reports

An option to colour the cells in red when they are under the configured time as opposed to other would be more useful to me.

shridhar-tl commented on May 23, 2018

You already have option to configure it in your settings. Set the max hours property in your Settings -> General -> worklog to your min hours and go to worklog report and click on the config icon in the top right corner of the report panel and you can see something like log less color. Set this color to red and set the hog high color to something else like green itself so that you will not notice the difference in color when it is logged high and you will see it in red when it is logged lesser than the configured hours.

It's basically how you configured the report. Please let me know if this is clear and would work for you. Sorry for late reply as I was bit busy with some other activities.

Alinoe22 commented on May 24, 2018

I can see this option for the Calendar / Worklogs view indeed (and I did not realise it was there so thanks for that) but in my issue, I was not specific about the view I was looking at as i did not realise the configuration was different in different forms.

While your suggestion works for Calendar / Worklogs indeed, unless I missed something the changed colours do not apply to the view Worklog [User - Daywise].

shridhar-tl commented on Jul 29, 2018

This requirement will be fulfilled as part of #41 using which user can build a new report like User Daywise with all the required fields and functionalities.