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#336 - Time Tracker not showing up

Jedrzej94 commented on Oct 20, 2023

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  • I had verified that, my query is not answered in FAQ section of website
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Bug Description

In the latest version of Jira (9.11.2) the Time Tracker doesn't show up anymore. I guess this is because they've changed the layout a bit?


The Play/Pause/Stop buttons are not showing up.

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shridhar-tl commented on Oct 20, 2023

Hi @Jedrzej94, Thank you for reporting this issue. Currently after this recent update, there are no unique id's or classes which can be used to attach these controls for individual issues. This time I have tried to fix it. But not sure when it would again break.

The fix would be available for extension uses as part of upcoming release planned for next week. I will update you once again once changes has been published.