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#83 - Issuetype wise monthly worklog report

akumar05 commented on Aug 30, 2019

This is not a bug, please consider this as question/request. I was trying to fetch worklog monthly report against "story & associated subtask" and "bug & associated subtask" from all development project I have on my Jira Cloud instance. Using worklogdate>=startOfMonth() fetch the issue where we have logged hours but export carries old timelogged also on those Jira issue. As log work date filed not appear in export not able to separate hour spent in current month.

Any suggestion.

I can fetch this on Jira server from database but on Cloud looking for solution.

shridhar-tl commented on Aug 28, 2019

If you are trying to fetch worklog report for just a month then it shouldn't be an issue. You should be able to use User Daywise report to fetch the worklog details. But when you talk about JQL (i.e. worklogdate>=startOfMonth()) I am little bit confussed wike from where you are trying to fetch. In user daywise report you will just have to select the date from date picker and you need not write any JQL for this case. So need more clarity on this. A screenshot of what you try to do would explain more than you can explain through words. So if possible please attach a screenshot as well.

shridhar-tl commented on Aug 28, 2019

User daywise report also have option to view the report in flat table structure which can be used if you want to use it for any other purpose like some other calculation.

akumar05 commented on Aug 29, 2019

Thanks Shridhar for reply, user daywise report has all data I'm looking for, only we need issue type and KEY (or Project) where worklogged aprt from user and logged-hours on any date.

User Details Aug, 2019        
  Thu, 01 Fri, 02 Sat, 03 Sun, 04 Mon, 05
Dipak Shelke(time zone: Asia/Kolkata) 6       7
Deepak Soni(time zone: America/New_York) 9 7.5     4.5
Rohit Sarda( time zone: America/New_York) 6.5 5      
Issue Type and Issue Key          

Also do we have any option to add all users from any user group, I want to fetch daywise report for all users in jira-software-users group. I can only see add all users one by one manually.

shridhar-tl commented on Aug 30, 2019

@akumar05 - At this point their is no way to add all the users from Jira to fetch the report. Their would be 1000's of users and it is not feasible to generate report for 1000's of users. That can even slowdown the entire Jira server in some cases. For such usecase their should be some background processing required and this application is not meant to do such task.

But when it comes to fetching project or issue type, you can switch the report to flat structure from settings icon available in top right corner of the report which contains that information you require as well.

akumar05 commented on Aug 30, 2019

Thanks @shridhar-tl, we can mark this request closed.

Also if there is a plan - Team can think to allow "User Group" in place of one by one user, we may restrict on MAX users in User Group.