Known bugs

Following are some of the known issues in Jira Assistant. To see the detailed list of all the open and closed issues refer to the GitHub issues

  • When a dashboard is renamed, label in JA menu doesn't gets updated with new name until a save button is clicked from settings page once.
  • In tabbed layout view, control buttons doesn't not gets displayed
  • #16 - Changes in comments doesn't get displayed in notifications
  • #39 - Sorting does not work well for Jira list types like Status, Priority, Resolution, etc..
  • #146 - Date time display formats do not fully apply for calendar
  • #63 - With calendar integration, always default calendar is chosen to sync and no option available to select from the available calendars
  • #96 - In month view, when there are multiple entries for a particular day, then calendar doesn't display total worklogs on top and hence user should click to see the total hours logged
Worklog report
  • #87 - When worklog is added from worklog report, the report doesn't gets updated with new additions until the report is refreshed
  • #67 - Extension settings doesn't get synced anywhere and hence in case of re-installation, user should redo all the settings
  • In some of the browsers, first time integration popup is not displayed anymore due to latest permission related restriction in Web Store
Report Builder
  • Proper documentation is not available for Report Builder making it complex for uses to use it
  • After recent change in review process, webtore is not allowing some permissions, which doesn't let the user to use custom user functions anymore

Recent and upcoming updates

Following are the list of changes done in each version of Jira Assistant.

28-May-2023: v2.51 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #301 - Worklog report: Sorting of users and tickets done based on first worklog date
  • #290 - Import worklog doesn't work
24-May-2023: v2.49 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Added additional range option in Date range picker
  • Workaround fix for options menu in integrate popup hiding immediately once shown in firefox
  • #301 - Worklog report - Added Issue Age as custom column
  • #301 - Worklog report - Grouped tab - Added option to expand issues by default based on settings
  • #300 - Fixed issue for Timer controls not adding to board
  • #298 - Resolve minor issue with worklog timer entries and rounding
  • #296 - Date format issue resolved for month view in calendar
  • #293 - Option added to adjust remaining estimate from add worklog popup
  • #292 - Moved expanding of event height behind a settings so that event overlapping is controlled based on user choice
  • #291 - Worklog Report: Added support to include one or more custom columns in worklog report
  • #289 - Added zoom in and zoom out button and increased the minimum event height so that small events are still readable
  • #287 - Saving flat table settings while column selections or grouping is changed
  • #286 - Added assignee column to pending worklog gadget
  • #284 - Added settings to hide non working days in worklog calendar
  • #283 - Worklog Report: Estimation related text wraping issue resolved and maintaining user expanded state on refresh
  • #283 - BugFix: Estimation related text wraping issue resolved in worklog report
  • #282 - BugFix: Exported excel being corrupted due to custom implementation of encoding
19-Feb-2023: v2.48 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Added additional range option in Date range picker
  • New Worklog report: Minor fixes in showing cost for tickets under cost view
  • Outlook calendar integration enabled for Jira Cloud app
  • Minor style fixes all over Jira Cloud App
  • #280 - BugFix: Export settings/report fails when Jira fields with non ASCII chars are used
  • #280 - BugFix: Deleting of reports broken due to major refactoring in previous release
  • #278 - Implemented support for adding New Worklog Report as gadget in JA dashboard
  • #277 - BugFix: Team managed sprint boards not being pulled in dropdowns for reports
  • #270 - BugFix: Showing report name in tabbed view when it is added as custom gadget to dashboard
  • #268 - BugFix: Launching API url instead of profile url when clicking on user in groups
  • #267 - BugFix: Fixed border color issue with Dark theme for Firefox browser
  • #266 - BugFix: Date format issue with Calendar resolved
  • #265 - Added option to navigate to current week from calendar top controls
  • #263 - Added ticket summary in calendar event based on configuration
  • #254 - BugFix: New worklog report not showing data for some users, when using Jira datacenter. Duplicates #253 & #283
15-Jan-2023: v2.47 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Minor fixes in poker module to join room even if extension is not installed
  • #262 - BugFix: For Datacenter edition of Jira, worklog does not get uploaded due to mis configuration
09-Jan-2023: v2.46 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Added timezone check while loading Jira Assistant
  • BugFix: Scrollbars missing in some of the modules including User Groups
  • #261 - Worklog Report: Added Summary tab in new worklog report
  • #95 - Worklog Report: Provided option to hide non working days or any days without worklog
09-Jan-2023: v2.45 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Worklog Report: Minor bug fixes and improvements in UI
  • Worklog Report: Added new charts in Visualization tab
  • New Gadget: Worklog Bar Chart gadget
  • BugFix: Sprint timeframe view in new Worklog report not working due to scopes issue when using oAuth with Jira
  • #256 - Custom report: Added support for using sub expressions
  • #250 - BugFix: Epic field not shown in Sprint timeframe view of new Worklog report
  • #249 - Started using suggestion JQL in new issue picker
  • #95 - Worklog Report: Provided option to hide non working days or any days without worklog
29-Dec-2022: v2.44 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • New Jira App: Jira Assistant can now be installed as Jira Cloud App as well within Jira
  • Major refactoring of code to support migrations and customizations
  • New worklog report: Minor bug fixes in filtering of worklog based on sprint
  • #248 - TypoFix: Typo error resolved in poker module
  • #244 - BugFix: Added date filter while pulling worklogs. This should solve #242 as well
  • #241 - Added upload icon for individual worklogs to identify and upload local worklogs
  • #238 - BugFix: Fixed broken import settings module
  • #230 - BugFix: Now issue picker can lookup for any issue
  • #223 - BugFix: Fixed broken dark theme for context menu
  • #215 - Bug Fix: Fixes for dark skin in calendar and other modules
  • #175 - BugFix: Error from Jira while uploading worklog is properly displayed
  • #111 - Add worklog screen: Started showing issue title once the issue is selected from picker
  • #109 - Add worklog screen: Can now configure default time spent from General settings -> Worklog tab
  • #100 - Add worklog screen: Worklog picker can lookup for any issue
  • #99 - Worklog calendar: Support to toggle time grid between full day or working hours view
  • #98 - Worklog calendar: Support for alternate row color in time grid
  • #72 - Worklog calendar: While drag and drop, now the worklog entries would snap to closest grid
03-Dec-2022: v2.43 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Added settings to configure min hours to log which would be used by all reports
  • New worklog report: Supports one or more sprint selection, auto worklog group generation, filtering worklogs with created date, multiple new formatting options, etc
  • #245 - Bug Fix: Only top 50 agile boards & sprints were pulled earlier
07-Nov-2022: v2.42 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #230 - Implemented new Planning Poker feature as a first step towards collaboration
  • Added support for userid and password based authentication for Jira
  • Improved some of the error messages
  • Bug Fix: Dark theme not applied for Import issues module
  • Minor refactoring and upgraded dependencies
  • Minor enhancements done on Report Builder module and minimal documentation added in web site under features
05-Aug-2022: v2.41 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Added Jira integration support for extension from within Web
  • While integrating, added support to auto try origin url when Jira Api is not reachable via provided url
  • Added support to import and export groups from User Groups page
  • Intimate user when new version of Jira Assistant is available for download
  • Improved some of the error messages
  • #222 - Added timer support for time tracking and generating worklog automatically
  • #67 - Implemented import backup functionality for settings from Integrate page and header
  • #52 - Added Advanced Settings page as extension options page. Hence Jira url can be changed if old url is unavailable
  • #12 - Resolved integration issue with outlook calendar
03-Aug-2022: v2.39 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Removed old Import issues module
  • Bug fixes: Formatting issue with time spent fields in Worklog Report - Flat table
  • Major refactoring and package bundle size reduction
  • Edge manifest version upgraded to v3
  • Upgraded to latest GA4 and improvised error reporting
  • #221 - Implemented OAuth2 support for authenticating with Cloud version of Jira
  • #67 - Implemented export / backup functionality for settings
26-Jul-2022: v2.38 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Complete rewrite of Import issues module with more new features like option to clone, delete and inline editing of issues
  • Added Chat Bot in website and Contact us page of extension
  • Removed FAQ module from extension as it is not used much. Use chatbot from from website instead
  • #221 - Web version of Jira Assistant published to support beta testing of upcoming features
  • #217 - Bug Fix: Issue with drag and drop worklog in Month view fixed
  • #209 - Bug Fix: Integration issue with Firefox due to wrong service injection
13-Jun-2022: v2.37 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #214 - Bug Fix: Some times 401 Unauthorized error page is shown even if the user is authenticated with Jira
  • #213 - Bug Fix: Unnecessary security warning due to host permissions in chrome
08-Jun-2022: v2.36 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Bug fix: Unable to Create new group under user groups
  • #195 - Worklog report: Added settings to show Reporter as an optional field
08-Jun-2022: v2.35 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Added support for linking Jira Groups in JA for viewing reports
  • Web Store upgrade: Upgraded to manifest v3 for better security
  • Bug fix: colspan issue with groupable grid resolved
  • Bug fix: Worklog Calendar - Text overflow issue and uploaded event duplication issue while moving
  • #208 - Bugfix: Issue with timespent field in worklog import resolved
  • #200 - Bugfix: Allignment issue with small window resolved
  • #199 - Custom Report: Minimal documentation added to tool, improvements done in parsing expressions, Added additional setting to hide a field from display so that it can only be used from expression of other fields.
  • #195 - Worklog report: Added settings to show various optional fields like Project Name, Parent ticket summary, Epic Number, Issuetype, Assignee in grouped view
  • #189 - Bugfix: Multiple worklog import for same issue does not update timespent field
01-Jun-2022: v2.34 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Added additional views in calendar. Now list view is supported for worklogs and meetings in calendar
  • Added support for user wise daily cost view in worklog report
  • Bug fix: Menu action selection in settings page not working as expected
  • Bug fix: Removed duplicate refresh button from calendar page
  • Bug fix: Dashboard icon continues to look modified even after cancelling the edit operation
  • Major dependency upgrades
07-Oct-2021: v2.33 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #196 - Bugfix: JS error due to unavailability of working hours settings
  • #170 - Bugfix: Added support for configuring displayed hours and working hours seperately
30-Sep-2021: v2.32 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Storage related major code refactoring to support upcoming features
  • #191 - Bugfix: My open ticket logs work in different ticket when the item is not refreshed properly
  • #188 - Outlook Calendar bug fixes: All events are not pulled by calendar
  • #89 - Dark theme contributed by one of the user
09-May-2021: v2.31 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Custom Report: Added support to change display text of column headers.
  • Custom Report: Added more grouping options for string fields.
  • #181 - Custom Report: Added support for Math functions in expressions.
  • #185 - Import worklog bug fix: Decimal of 0.5 considered as 30 mins which was considered as 5 mins earlier.
13-Oct-2020: v2.3 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Fixed: Sprint is not displayed for Self hosted version of Jira.
  • Implemented: Custom report: Option to use Expressions for formating a field.
  • Removed: Old Custom Report from menu. Accessing with direct Url will continue to work.
25-Sep-2020: v2.2 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Fixed: Option columns and some of the custom fields not displaying value properly.
  • Fixed: Votes and Watches showing unnecessary 0.
  • Fixed: Workratio column showing -1s.
  • Fixed: Loader keeps loading on error fetching data.
  • Fixed: Network error message shown for some users.
  • Implemented: Custom report: Toggle groups in gadget view for better experience.
  • Implemented: Custom report: Badge added to show how many columns are visible.
  • Implemented: Custom report: Rearranging of display fields by drag and drop.
23-Sep-2020: v2.1 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Fixed: Error adding Custom Report as gadget in Dashboard.
23-Sep-2020: v2 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #165 - Fixed: Ticketwise Worklog gadget- Add and Upload worklog functionality not working. Selected date range not retained.
  • Implemented column grouping for Log work field in new Custom report.
  • Turned on Google Analytics by default. This can still be turned off from advanced settings page.
22-Sep-2020: v1.9 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #157 - New enhanced version of custom report is built from scratch.
  • #159 - Fixed: Advanced report in different dashboards doesn't refresh when switching directly between dashboards.
  • #164 - Fixed: Pulling of worklog details done based on currentUser() function in JQL instead of user email id.
  • Unwanted columns removed from My Reports Gadget.
  • Minor grouping related issues resolved in Statuswise time spent gadget.
  • Fixed: Showing unloaded image when iconUrl is not sent from Jira.
24-Aug-2020: v1.8 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #157 - Added worklog and bookmark options on ticket number field in Custom report
  • #161 - Added "Open ticket" menu in worklog context menu of calendar
  • Added worklog and bookmark options for ticket number columns in Status wise time spent gadget
03-Jul-2020: v1.7 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #78 - Issue key in custom report is linked to Jira issue similar to other gadgets
  • #153 - Minor fixes done in import issues and showing error message
  • Minor fixes in rendering the custom gadget and applying format functions
21-May-2020: v1.6 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Added Story Points, Original & remaining estimate plus aggregate values to Status wise time spent gadget
  • Changes done to show updates info when clicked on version number.
  • Fixed: Worklog report when exported to excel, numbers are formatted as string
  • Fixed: Gadgets doesn't show appropriate name for sheet while exporting to excel
  • Fixed: In add bookmark popup, when ticket number is entered, it is necessary to press enter once to add it.
10-May-2020: v1.5 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Fixed: Menu doesn't showup in Firefox and Edge
10-May-2020: v1.4 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #150 - Development of new report to show Status wise time spent on issues
28-Apr-2020: v1.3 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Changes done only for publishing related activity as previous versions publish failed. Multiple small features removed to reduce permission uses to speedup review process.
  • For Chrome: To speedup review process in Web Store removed auto filling of current Jira Url in popup while integration.
  • For Chrome: No more integration with Jira will happen through popup. It will open as separate page.
  • Report Builder: Disabled few features / expressions due to moderators review comments in Web Store
  • Report Builder: Removed custom functions features completely. Still thinking of a way to implement it again.
  • All the changes done in last couple of versions were published only in this version.
27-Apr-2020: v1.2 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #16 - Implemented showing updates from Jira for any changes made to any of the issues user is tagged in.
27-Apr-2020: v1.1 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #146 - Fixes done for 12 / 24 hour format in calendar tiles, based on user settings.
  • Grouping of worklog flat table implemented
  • #138 - Adding support for changing display columns for groupable grid.
  • Added support for changing display columns for Flat Grid in worklog report
  • Bug fixes for network error message issue.
  • Settings added to show or hide notification from developer
  • #86 - Allowed manual editing of date field in worklog popup.
  • #87 - Support adding worklog from Worklog report for same user.
18-Apr-2020: v1 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Changes done only for publishing related activity as previous versions publish failed.
  • All the changes done in last couple of versions were published only in this version for Firefox.
01-Apr-2020: v0.99 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Option provided to enable or disable Google Analytics capture from Advanced Settings page
19-Mar-2020: v0.98 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • #110 - Fixed repeation of issue key in autocomplete
  • #148 - Fixed issue with adding user to group. This issue is due to modification in Jira API.
  • Import issues fixed - User name mismatch and import failure
  • Import issues fixed - Import failure without project name but with parent ticket number.
  • #135 - Import issues with custom field failed sometimes
28-Feb-2020: v0.97 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Bug Fixes for report loading issue due to property changes in Jira API.
15-Feb-2020: v0.94 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Bug Fixes for issue where name property is removed from Jira and extension stopped working.
22-Dec-2019: v0.93 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Worklog report: Original and remaining estimate added and controllable through configuration
  • Help videos: Navigation buttons added
  • Import issues: Fixes done for error when clicking on toggle all checkbox with empty records
  • Security: Reduced permissions given to extension for better security
10-Dec-2019: v0.92 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Installation: Fixes for configuration issue affecting advanced settings page
  • Calendar: Fix for error when displaying meeting details
  • Sprint report: Fix for error when closing group popup
04-Dec-2019: v0.91 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Add worklog popup: Ctrl + Enter shortcut added for saving worklog (#108)
  • Add worklog popup: Auto focus for Ticket No field (#108)
  • Custom report: Fixes done for showing sub-headers in worklog columns
02-Dec-2019: v0.90 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Multiple bug fixes throughout application
01-Dec-2019: v0.89 - Enhancements and bug fixes
  • Multiple bug fixes throughout application
  • Enhanced Google analytics to show accurate details including errors