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To rename your dashboard, navigate to that dashboard and click on the name header label. There you can change both the name and the default icon of that dashboard.

You can change the list of tickets shown in My Open Tickets gadget by changing the JQL. To change the JQL, go to Settings > Advanced and find the JQL corresponding to "Open tickets JQL" label. You cannot edit the default JQL, but you can edit the instance specific JQL.

Yes, you can build a new gadget by building a report using Custom Reports or Report Builder module. Once you have built a report and have saved it, it would be available under add gadget popup from where you can add it to dashboard as a gadget.

Some levels of customizations are allowed for each gadgets. You can look at the corresponding gadget's settings by clicking on the wrench icon and JA Advanced settings for some options to customize the gadget. But most of the customizations you expect can be built using Custom reports/Report builder.

You can add a custom gadget to your dashboard by building a report using the Custom Reports or Report Builder module. Once the report is created, you can add it as a gadget from the add gadget popup on the dashboard.

Yes, you can switch between tabbed layout and grid layout for your dashboard. Click on the wrench icon from the top right corner of the dashboard and select the 'Show in tabs' menu to toggle between the two layouts.

Yes, you can rename or delete a dashboard. To rename, click on the name header label and edit it. To delete, click on the wrench icon from the top right corner and select the 'Delete dashboard' option. Please note that deletion is irreversible.

Yes, you can view gadgets in full screen mode. Click on the 'Expand' icon (fa fa-expand) present in the gadget to expand it and view it in full screen.

To set a dashboard as a quick view page, click on the icon from the top right corner of the dashboard and select 'Set as quick view' from the menu. The dashboard will then appear as a popover when clicking the JA icon.

Yes, you can rearrange the position of gadgets on the dashboard. In grid layout, simply drag and drop the gadgets by their header to change their order.

You can add tickets to the Bookmarks gadget by clicking on the plus icon (fa fa-plus). This will allow you to add multiple tickets to the list of bookmarked tickets.