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As of JA v2.71, this is no longer an issue for Chrome users. JA can now be integrated with any Jira instance, without requiring this permission. It's important because JA doesn't store your credentials; it directly connects to Jira using your browser's established authentication.

Jira Assistant requires access to Jira in order to establish integration. It uses the authentication established by your browser for this purpose, so you don't need to provide additional credentials. This approach enhances security and simplifies the integration process.

When integrating with Jira, ensure you're logged in to Jira from your browser. Use the appropriate URL format, like http:// or https://. Provide the Jira base path, not page URLs. E.g., use https://jira.yourcompany.com, not https://jira.yourcompany.com/browse. Incorrect URLs can lead to network errors.

Most importantly, ensure you're logged into Jira from the same browser. If you still face the issue, click 'Grant permission' on the 401 page in JA. Sometimes, JA's access to Jira is revoked, causing this error. For more details, check GitHub issue #214.

Ensure you're logged in to Jira from the same browser. If authentication issues persist, contact the developer with a screenshot of the error or console details for assistance.

Ensure you're authenticated with Jira on the same browser window. If CORS issues arise, upgrade your browser. If the problem persists, contact the developer for further support. Unfortunately, the exact cause of the CORS issue is not reproducible.

Firefox Multi Account containers are rarely used with JA, but they generally work for most users. However, specific users might face compatibility issues. The root cause is unknown, making it difficult to fix. For more details, refer to GitHub issue #103.

Yes, Jira Assistant is available as a browser extension for popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. You can install and use it on any of these browsers to seamlessly integrate with your Jira instance.

Absolutely, Jira Assistant allows you to integrate with multiple Jira instances. After authenticating with Jira in your browser, you can easily switch between instances by clicking on the Jira domain name displayed in the extension's header. This feature provides seamless access to various Jira instances.