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If you don't see an answer to your question, you can use the search option, feature documentation or ask your question using GitHub discussions. You can also contact us via mail, if none of the above option helps.

JA Web was primarily introduced to support BETA testing by users and to provide quicker fixes in case of major bugs. The Web version allows for immediate deployment of builds without waiting periods, giving users access to the next version of JA every day. Additionally, those who cannot install the app can still use JA Web through OAuth integration with Jira.

Currently, the sprint report does not work in JA Web OAuth integration due to a limitation in OAuth support for this specific API. This limitation will be addressed in the upcoming weeks as other priority tasks are completed.

JA Web was primarily introduced to support BETA testing by users and to provide quicker fixes in case of major bugs. Since builds are published whenever there are changes, some changes might not be fully tested, resulting in short-term bugs that will be resolved in subsequent builds.

Yes, JA Web is already available and hosted using GitHub Pages. If you prefer to host it within your data center, it can be done with minimal code changes based on how JA integrates with your Jira instance.

Similar to the extension, JA Web stores its data in your browser cache. JA Web is a static site hosted on GitHub, and it does not use server storage or cloud-based data storage.

You can easily switch between JA Web and the Extension anytime. To switch, click on 'Web' in the top right corner of the page. In case JA Web crashes and you can't switch back, you can go to the extension options page. For Chrome, right-click the JA icon and click 'Options', and for Firefox, go to 'Manage Extension' -> 'Options' tab.

JA Web can be used either as a standalone app or integrated with the extension. When integrated, all settings remain stored in the extension. The Web version communicates with the extension and displays the stored data.

JA Web offers a range of functionalities similar to the extension version, including creating dashboards, managing gadgets, generating reports, and integrating with Jira. You can also enjoy the benefits of custom dashboards, gadgets, and other key features in the Web version.

JA Web is designed to be compatible with most modern web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and more. However, some specific functionalities might vary across different browsers.