Frequently asked questions

Why Jira Assistant require access to all the sites?

This is no more an issue for chrome users as of JA v2.71. As you would be able to integrate JA with any Jira instance, this permission is required. This is particularly necessary because JA does not ask for/store your credentials and directly connect to Jira with the authentication established by your browser.

Network error occurred while trying to integrate with Jira

Unable to integrate with Jira

While trying to integrate the extension with Jira, ensure that you are logged in to Jira from your browser. Also ensure that you put appropriate URL while integration. Ensure to use http:// or https:// appropriately. Also see to that you provide Jira basepath and not page url. Jira basepath would be something like or or Don't provide url's like, which would fail with network error.

I get 401 Unauthenticated error frequently

How to resolve 401 Unauthenticated error?

Jira Assistant shows 401 Unauthenticated error even after authenticating with Jira

Primarily users will have to be logged into Jira from the same browser where JA is used. Some times user get this error even when user is authenticated with Jira. The reason for that is JA need to access to Jira and sometimes for some users, this access is automatically removed. The root cause for that is still unidentified, but is believed to be environmental issue. To solve it, from 401 page in JA, just click on "Grant permission" button and the issue would be resolved. Have a look at #214 in GitHub issue tracker for more details.

Can't authenticate even though logged into Jira

Unable to integrate with Jira

Authentication error occurred while trying to integrate with Jira

While trying to integrate the extension with Jira, ensure that you are logged in to Jira from your browser. If you are sure that you are authenticated and you had used the URL properly, then contact the developer with console screenshot/error details.

I was unable to integrate with Jira

I was unable to configure Jira Assistant

I get cors error while trying to integrate with Jira

For integrating Jira or for using JA, you will have to authenticate with Jira on the same browser window. So, ensure that you are able to access Jira from same browser. If you still continue to face this issue, open console tab (F12) and see if you are getting any CORS issue. If you see CORS issue, try upgrading your browser. If issue persist, then contact the developer for any additional support. But this CORS issue, as of date is non reproducible in developer end and so unfortunately no solution is available.

I was unable to use JA with Firefox Multi Account containers?

JA doesn't work with Firefox when using Multi Account?

Firefox Multi Account containers are a very minimally used feature with JA. But still it works for most of the users. But for specific users, it doesn't work and so far root cause is not identified. As this issue is not reproducable, it becomes difficult for the developer to fix it. For more details visit GitHub issue tracker #103 and add your comments there.