Frequently asked questions

User list added in reports doesn't get saved

From any of the reports, the user list popup doesn't save the details persistently. If you permanently want to save the users, then go to User Groups page by clicking on the User groups menu under Settings. Here any changes done would be persistently saved. So while generating report, sometimes if you want to generate report for only few set of users / groups, you can safely remove other users from popup and generate report. Once you reload the the report, you will still see the old set of users.

How do I generate a report only for specific user / group from saved groups.

From any of the reports, the user list popup doesn't save the details persistently. So if you done want to generate the report for a specific user, then you can safely remove the user / group from the reports page. It will not get saved and so next time you reload the report, all the saved users / groups will be populated again. Hence no separate users / groups selection is required in any of the reports.

Worklog showing different time in Jira and tool

By default, Jira Assistant would use your local timezone while uploading the worklog. Hence if you have not configured Jira with your local timezone, then Jira would show worklog in different timezone. Hence it is always necessary for you to configure Jira with you local timezone.

Worklog entered in Jira is not pulled by Jira Assistant tool

Any worklog in Jira should be pulled by Jira Assistant. Ensure that you are providing appropriate query, User details, date range, etc.. If you are sure that filters you provided is accurate and still worklog is missing, then it is probably the issue with Indexing in Jira. If their are any recent updates or it has been sometimes long since last indexing in Jira has happened, then most probably re-indexing Jira would solve this issue. Contact your Jira admin about re-indexing.

In worklog report, how do I add additional filters like project, etc.?

In worklog report, click on the config icon from top right corner of the worklog report which would open a popup. This popup will contain a tab named JQL. Here you can add any additional filters you want.

Is their an option to email the report automatically on daily basis?

No, currently their are no such features available and their are no plans to implement it in future as well. Browser extension are not meant for such background task processing and we cannot relay on extension to do it. Their could be instances where it fails and could cause troubles. Hence no plans to implement it as of now.